Mom Of Four Gets Scalped by Her Car – Sends Urgent Warning To All Women

When our car encounters a problem, most of us try to solve it by ourselves rather than running around for a mechanic. And that is exactly what Alon Abare did. But it was a rather fatal decision. Abare turned the car on, revved the engine and then popped the hood. But she overlooked a small detail, and a simple mistake ended up changing her life forever. Fearing the same will happen to others, Abare has been speaking out about it, in hopes of warning them.

Abare noticed that her car was having some problems. She didn’t want to waste money on an expensive mechanic visit, so she decided to check it out herself. But in a matter of seconds, her head was forced down toward the engine and she suffered unbelievable pain. Her kids heard her cries for help and immediately came to her aid. If it wasn’t for their quick thinking, the woman might have died because of her injuries.

Abare was rushed to the hospital where she was told by the doctors that she made a near-fatal mistake. She didn’t even think about it before sticking her head under the hood. Now she is warning other women before it is too late.

Abare has go through several surgeries and transplants; not to mention, she has been forced to spend thousands in medical bills. Watch the full video below to see her mistake and how to avoid it, and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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