Mom Criticized For Posting Photo Of Christmas Tree With Hundreds Of Presents Speaks Out

The glory of social media, where some people showcase their, while others overshare. It’s not wrong to express your love for the family on the internet. However, it depends on how much you showcase it.

Emma Tapping is no stranger as she deiced to post a picture of her Christmas tree on Facebook. And soon after, she became the topic of controversy. The reason is the 300 gifts piled up beneath the tree. You could barely see the whole decoration.

The Sun was quick to call the woman out as “materialistic” and bragging about her wealth. But when the truth was out, all of these were for children. Parents went in on the debate, that she might spoil her children.

Even the Inside Edition interview Tapping and the new details keep unfolding on the story. We come to know that her son receives 30 gifts, and daughters get 85 each. Furthermore, we get to witness her money-saving techniques by hunting off the discount prices on the toy. Oh! The irony.

What do you think? Is she spoiling her kids or just showering them with love? You be the judge. Please share this unusual story with your loved ones. es.