Arizona Woman Has 106 Christmas Trees in Each Room and Her Reason Is Crazy

Don’t we all have a habit of collecting? Some enjoy hoarding Post stamps. I love getting my hands on vintage keychains. However, others go a little overboard. Well, it’s a preference at the end of the day, but how convenient is it to collect X-mas trees?

Normally we enjoy a big tree in the living room with a few small ones around. But not the lady from the video featured below. Arizona woman Jerri Fleck has a total of 106 Christmas trees. So, when the holidays are around, she strings decorations on all of them.

Arizona Woman Collects Christmas Trees 0-7 screenshot

Just imagine every corner you look at. There are only lights twinkling and decoration shining. I have so many questions. Where does she keep them? Usually, it takes a day two for the setup, but for Jerri, she has to start weeks before the celebration.

While she goes over the top on some, few trees just have ornaments and vintage cars, which she intends to leave all year. Adding more theme for the Easter holiday and many along the way. As her hobby dates way back, she even has ornaments dating all the way back to 1906. What do you think? Would you like the visual? Please let us know in the feed.

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