Grandma Got an ‘iphone’ as a Gift and Does Not Like It Until She Realizes What It Really Is

Once people reach a certain age, materialistic things are not their prime concern anymore. On top of that, the previous generation didn’t get a chance to fully equipped themselves with modern technology.

Every day, there is a new launch with so many specifications. And it is hard to keep up with that. We have an abundance of gadgets available at this point. All of them function differently for a myriad of purposes.

One needs to know the function clearly in order to use it for their advantage. Hence, when a grandmom opens her Christmas present to find out an iPhone. She was not too thrilled about it. Initially, she tears through the gift wrap and enjoys the dogs on them. The little things matter to happy people.

Furthermore, she sees the name on the box and instantly goes, “What will I do with this thing?” The son urges her to open the box. She shares the detail that she has a landline phone, and she is happy with that. Inside there is a Nokia phone, but grandma knows no difference. Still, she assumes that’s an iPhone. Her son requests her to take a bite out of the phone. For a second, she is confused, only to realize it’s a chocolate phone.

Isn’t that just a refreshing reaction to that prank? Please share your Christmas jokes with us in the feed.

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