Burglar Makes Himself Comfortable Not Knowing Military Neighbor Is About to Bust Him

The idea of someone breaking our home is just terrifying, especially if they come armed. Thanks to technology these days, we have CCTV that can surveillance our house 24/7 even if we are not inside it. Similar is the case of our ingenious homeowner, who called his neighbors to check in on the situation.

Back in 2017 Mark, Thompson, a 32-year old male robber, broke into the Albuquerque house. The owner received an alert on her phone about signs of movement around the house. When he checked the live footage, Mark was making himself comfortable. At one point, the thief even grabs a beer while watching TV wearing the owner’s jacket. Unaware of who lives right across the street.

The landowner called the police and his neighbor to explain the situation. Fortunately, Shandra Vestal living next door, was serving in the armies. She and her husband armed themselves and mapped out a plan to surround Thompson. The brave soldier then marched into the house and confronted the convincing thief. Moreover, they even taped Thompson’s hand and knee, making the job easier for the officers.

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