Military Mom makes Daughter’s Relay Race Victory even Special

Military life is hard. Not only because they get to be in life-threatening situations, but also because they get to leave their families behind and risk not seeing them in a very long time. As a parent, let alone a mom, it’s already so difficult not seeing their children, but also not being there at times when they need you the most makes it even harder. For the sake of the country and of course the safety of their family, they are willing to risk everything.

In California, a military mom who has been in service for six months had missed her daughter’s track meets for the whole season. While her daughter was performing at a track event, she decides to surprise her with a homecoming. As 13-year-old Jada McGee was almost at the finish line running the first place, her mom, Capt. Erika Woodson suddenly steps out into the track clapping and putting her hands up as she cheers for her daughter.


It was the first time they saw each other in six months, as Capt. Woodson was deployed in Alaska. When the teenager realized that it was definitely her mom waiting for her, she ran faster to get to the finish line to hug her mom. Their emotions overflowed with happiness and excitement as the pair reunites. Jada was so happy to have run first place in her race, but moreover, she is happier to finally be with her mom at last.

Watch the heartwarming mother and daughter surprise reunion below to see how much they missed each other.

The two have planned to train together while the captain is home for the summer, and at the same time, Jada and her mom can also have some quality time bonding. Share Away People!