Pedophile Sets Up A Blind Date With 16-Year-Old Strangers Come For Rescue

Good people exist in all everywhere, even in the most unexpected places, but so do people with bad intentions. In that sense, people should always be aware of what is happening in their surroundings. In this particular video, child predators or pedophiles are put to display, and the people who are witnessing it will not easily let it fly without doing anything about it.

In this episode of “What Would You Do?”(WWYD) of ABC news, they showed a previous episode of a young girl meeting with an older man, and comments started popping saying what if it was vice-versa? So they decided to do just that. The concept is that a 16-year-old boy met an older woman online, who apparently lied about her age. They were told to meet in person at a restaurant so they can be seen publicly. How do you think people would react to such a scene?

Those who were present while they staged the act were disgusted and didn’t think it was right. They condoned what the woman was doing but secretly helping the young boy to get out of the situation. People who have bad intentions are always present in our everyday lives, luckily there are also some who are willing to stand up against them.

Watch the full video below to see all the concerned people that tried to help the boy.

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