It Was Too Cold For Mini Horses To Go Out So This German Shephard Comes Up With The Perfect Plan!

Alicia Rapuano was doing her job at Cozy Acres Farm when she heard some galloping coming from the miniature horses’ stalls. So she went ahead to check it out. That’s when she saw the most adorable sight. A lively German Shepherd was leading a pack of miniature horses all around the barn. Then it soon turned into a race. Alicia couldn’t help but capture the cute moment on film.

The temperature was frigid since it was the middle of February in New Haven Connecticut. According to Alicia, it was too icy for the mini horses outside. So they decided to have some fun inside the barn itself. Buckshot, the German shepherd, also joined in soon enough. Wait till you see this group of friends bustling about the barn!

cleanig stalls

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