Dog Meets Tiny Bunny For The First Time, And Her Reaction Is Too Cute To Handle

It’s amazing to know that dogs descended from wolves. Their wild cousins are so much more aggressive than they are, and are great hunters. Dogs, on the other hand, have let go of such aggression. They are easily one of the friendliest creatures out there. They are friendly not only to humans but to other creatures as well. Just look at the one in the following video.

Meg, the yellow Lab was flocking around in the grass when she spotted something tiny moving towards her. Her owner spotted them together, and instantly knew she had to film their little interaction. Meg had found a little abandoned bunny, which they named Little John Stamos. The little bunny must have been left behind when its mom had dashed into the woods for cover after spotting some ravens.

Sadly, Little John Stamos was too small to keep up with his mom. Fortunately, Meg and her human came on the nick of time. They kept the adorable little critter safe until the birds were out of sight. Meg was able to keep the little bunny engaged with her, and seemed to have a great time getting to know him. Now she really knows how to make new friends!

It must have been an unforgettable experience for the little bunny too! Look at that tiny little thing! Check out this amazing video below:

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