Furious Wet Dog Voices His Strong Opinions On Baths

Dogs can be very humorous. Sometimes, they are very lazy. However, this little dog has a lot to say to his owner when he asks the pup to take a bath.

Oakley is a little dog who hates bathing. His owner has a hard time convincing him to take a bath. This little dog is very furious and threatening towards his owner. That’s why his owner thought of a voiceover that perfectly went with Oakley’s actions. As this humorous man does his pet’s voiceover, one can’t help but laugh out loud.

The dog sounds so sarcastic and means that one might actually assume he is the one who is actually talking. Oakley really cannot decide whether he wants to fight with his owner or convince him to skip bathing. This sarcastic dog’s video is just the right thing to watch when you want a boost of serotonin.

In fact, this is one of the most wholesome videos you will find on the internet Watch the full video below!

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