Marine Surprised When He is Reunited With the Working Dog He Promised to Bring Home

One commandment that Marines know by heart is never to leave a man behind. And for Marine Sergeant Ross Gundlach, this includes his K9 partner, Casey. While serving in Afghanistan, Ross and Casey worked together through 150 combat missions. And during this time, he made a promise to the dog that if he made it out alive, he’d “do everything in his power to find her.”

The Marine Sergeant gives credit to Casey for saving his life in missions like sweeping the roads for explosives. And when Ross went home, the State of Iowa Fire Marshal’s Office adopted Casey as an explosive detection canine. Moreover, the Marine wasn’t going to give up and went to make a plea during a statehouse ceremony. However, it turns out he didn’t have to!

casey and ross

As the ceremony progresses, the Office of the State Fire Marshal tells Ross to come up to the stage. Thinking that it’s time to appeal, Ross goes to the front. That’s when they reveal the surprise! Moreover, Casey is already in the room, and they have a touching reunion. After hearing about the duo’s bond, Iowa Elks Association raised $8500 to replace the canine with another working dog.

Watch surprise reunion below:

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