Man Drops Everything & Runs to Crying Elderly Neighbor as She Mutters “I Don’t Have Him Anymore”

I’m sure everyone has experienced something in their lives that has made their heart drop. Maybe it’s bad news or a life-changing event. In any case, it’s a devastating feeling to have. Unfortunately, this is what Aldon O’neill  Ward III felt when he had an encounter with a neighbor.

Aldon is with his poodle in his yard, watering the lawn when he notices a lady walking in the road. Previously, he’d seen the older woman with her husband, both wearing matching outfits. Since 2011, the couple would wave at Aldon every time they passed by and even blow his pooch kisses. They never got to exchanging names, but the neighbor knew where they lived. However, that day, the woman was walking alone wearing shades that covered her eyes.

aldon oneill ward

The camera in Aldon’s house captures the whole instance where the friendly neighbor asks her where her other half is in a joking manner. That’s when the woman broke the news that she didn’t have him anymore in a trembling voice. And Aldon’s heart sank. You can see the man going closer to see if he heard correctly. Moreover, he drops everything he’s doing and runs towards the streets. He gives her a big heartfelt hug while she sobs. Sometimes all you can do is give someone a shoulder to cry on. Watch the footage below:

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