Troll Comedian Finds A Perfect Way To Get Rid Of Scam Callers

It’s hard to trust people these days. The ways people find to scam others is merely mindblowing. Honestly, where do they come up with the ideas? Whether it’s love and romance, jobs, charities, investments, or gaining your personal information, it’s everywhere.

Plenty of people are scammed daily. Some use the internet to help extract your information. But the most common one is calling people up on their phones. The next step is asking for their personal information like credit card details, etc. If you’re one of the victims of the scam, this man here teaches you how to handle a phone scammer.

phone scam prank

Tired of scammers calling him all the time, this man decides to teach them a lesson once in for all. He records the whole conversation, and sarcastically agrees to everything the scammer asks him to do. The best part, however, is him playing the role of his wife and refusing to give the credit card details to “Greg.” Who is Greg, you ask? Well, he is the scammer that doesn’t sound Caucasian.

As the conversation continues, “Greg” turns into some marriage counselor. He is now asking questions to the man like “do you love her?” and “does she love you?” so that he could get the information he needs. And having enough, Greg says, “I don’t have time for you.” So, the pranker calls him out for scamming and lets him know that he is filming the whole thing and will put it up on YouTube.

WATCH the video below to see how this pranker puts the scammer in his place.

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