Motorcycle Maniac Threatens Neighborhood, So This Guy Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

There is a famous saying that says, “Not all superheroes wear capes”. This saying is true to so many extents. Well here’s a video that shows a man who takes that saying to heart and takes it upon himself to stop a situation that was a danger to everyone around.

Some heroes may not have a cape and in fat, may look like your friendly neighborhood guy in overalls and a hat. This description may not sound like that of a superhero, but it is. We are talking about Floyd Briggs here. And Floyd’s story is a good one.

Floyd is very conscious about what goes around in the neighborhood. The place he lives, Chickasha, Oklahoma, has lots of families and especially kids running around. When a maniac biker was exceeding the speed limit and being chased by the police, Floyd did what needed to be done: he stepped into the street and brought the man down.

It is because of Floyd that his neighborhood became a safe place to live in. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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