Man Spots Distressed Mama Horse Then Sees Tiny Foal Trapped In Bridge Next To Her

Sometimes in life, we encounter situations that can change someone’s life. Our simple act of kindness can make a huge difference in their lives.

It should not be limited to humans. A stray dog, a swarm of insects, or wild animals could all be in this situation. And many of us immediately leap into action to be the hero in our lives.

Man Spots Distressed Mama Horse

A man was enjoying his ordinary day driving down the road until he came across something completely unexpected. While driving down the road, something caught this man’s attention to the point where he needed to pull over and investigate what was going on.

Initially, he notices a stalled horse relying solely on the bridge. He starts walking across the bridge, curious as to why the steed isn’t moving, and that’s when he notices the infant and its mother.

Man Spots Distressed Mama Horse

It was obvious that something needed to be done: The man could not help but walk past the horses; and the woman was helpless. Even if she try to do something, there is an equal risk of cutting the baby loose and it could fall into the river.

So he set the camera down and jumped into the action. You can watch the entire video here:

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