Angry Bear Couldn’t Resist the Smell of Brownies and Does This…

Ah.. the smell of freshly baked brownies… Who would be fool enough to resist its smell? And who can blame this fuzzy bear if he wants a piece of it?

An elderly woman from Avon, Connecticut, was baking brownies when an unexpected visitor with paws appeared next to her front door, asking for his share. The woman was terrified because it was a colossal bear.

Bear browns porch

She enlisted the assistance of her next-door neighbor, Bob Belfiore. The man rushed to her house and couldn’t believe what he saw – the bear was determined to get inside and eat a brownie no matter what it took.

After countless tries, the bear searched for another way in. When he discovered a second door. He banged it hard waiting for it to open but with no luck, he could only salivate from the porch.

Bear browns porch

The man called the police for help. After all, dealing with such a large animal is no laughing matter. The bear did have ear tags, indicating that it had been used in environmental research.

Saddened and tired, the bear turned back and walked away to his home. Watch the full story here:

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