He Cuts Her Hair for Medical Reasons – His Gesture After Brings Her to Tears

Showing solidarity with someone you love can be one of the most precious things in the world, especially if it means you may face adversity because of what you do. Well that’s exactly what happens in this clip below.

This woman suffers from alopecia, which is premature hair loss. Most people with this condition are either completely unable to grow hair, or their hair falls out in random clumps and so they can never have a normal hairstyle. Women with alopecia often shave their head and wear a wig.

Well this amazing couple made the whole world cry tears of joy when they posted this video online. In the video, the boy, Damien Fabre, shaves his girlfriend’s head because the girl, Eva Barilaro, suffers from alopecia–Eva has to get her hair cut even though she does not want to. She tries growing it out but the experiment fails.

So, once he’s finished with Eva’s haircut, the good Damien shaves his own head when he sees his strong girlfriend fight tears while shaving her head. When he does this, Eva bursts into tears. Damien looks very happy doing this for her and it’s clear it was a gesture of love.

This video will warm your hearts. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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