Man Gives His Mom the Best Christmas Gift by Shaving Off His Long Beard. Mom’s Reaction is a Must Watch

The biggest complaint a mother has for her grown-up son is when is he shaving off his beard. And if I have to be honest, men are obsessed with long beards. And they’d rather lose their girlfriends than their beard (in most cases I’ve come across). However, mothers will always make sure to pass a comment whenever possible.

And this man in the video knows a thing or two about mothers’ criticism on long beards. In fact, he one of the victims of the constant pressure of chopping off the beard. So, he decided to surprise his mom on Christmas with a clean-shaven face.

man shaves beard for mom

Kevin Duggan loves having facial hair, and he is especially very fond of his beard. But we can’t say the same about his mother. She hated it and would always tell her son to get rid of it every time she got a chance. So, Kevin finally decided to get rid of it. He filmed the entire process and even his mom’s reaction after she sees him beardless after a long time.

WATCH the mother’s reaction when she sees her son beardless.

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