Small Pup Was Crying For Help Inside A Hot Car, Cops Find Him – Everything Gets Recorded

Every year, PETA receives a lot of cases regarding cats, dogs, and other animals dying due to extreme heat in a hot car, especially during summer. It’s getting more common these days.

In the parking lot Pensacola, Florida this dog-lover who also happens to be a cop found a little pup trapped inside a hot car screaming for help. The pooch was too small to be away from its momma, let alone left in a hot car. Seeing this, the officers tried to contact the owners but had no signs of them. So, Officer Anthony Giorgio took a last look at the temperature and smashed the window. He gathered some ice and immediately tried to cool the poor pup’s body.

An hour of the cop’s arrival, the owner showed up clearly angry about their broken window. As distressing the whole scenario was, the way they didn’t even care about the baby, it shows in what poor condition the pooch was living on. The couples were charged with $150 for first offenders on a penalty of Cruelty to Animal. But eventually got the pup back.

The whole rescue was captured in the cop’s body cam. Watch the full video here:

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