Man Has Been Stashing His Little Brother’s Rent Money for 2 Years – His Reason Why Broke the Brother to Tears

There is no bond like the bond between siblings. Siblings may fight all the time but at the end of the day, no one loves one another as siblings do.

Here is a story of two brothers that will move you to tears. Todd and Alex are brothers who have always shared great dreams and plans together. They have also had a great bond ever since they were little. Todd graduated in 2011 and bought his dream car and house in Missouri.

However, it was about time for Alex to get a house of his own. Todd decided to keep his brother with him and even charged rent from him for a certain amount of time after he graduated in 2017. To Alex’s surprise, all the rent money had been saved as a down payment for his own house.

Alex soon bought a house and is very grateful towards his supportive elder brother. Watch the full video below!

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