What do you do when you see a wild animal stuck in a vulnerable position? Hunting involves a lot of patience. You not only have to wait for your game to show up, but you also have to wait for it to go to the right place at the right time. This hunter had an Elk right in front of his eyes. But something wasn’t quite right!

This hunter was out on a windy day when he came upon a large bull elk. However, the elk was not grazing or roaming around. Instead, it was stuck in a jumbled up barbed wire! Its antlers were in tangles with the metal wire and it was trying to get loose. So the hunter went into action, but not in the way that you think!

elk stuck in wire

The hunter points his shotgun at the struggling Elk. He targets the antlers of the struggling bull and shoots at it. Suddenly the Elk is free from the grasp of the barbed wire! The hooved-animal looks a little shaken up but even I would be something so loud exploded near me! But soon enough, it gains its composure and runs back home. Watch the incredible shot down below:

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