The Dangers Of Social Media On Boys. EVERY Parent And Child Need To See This!

There is a trend going on in Youtube where people conduct social experiments. These videos give you an insight into how humans react to certain situations when they don’t know that they are being watched. Coby Persin is one of the most famous Youtuber who makes this type of video. And this clip about the dangers of social media is very enlightening!

Previously, Coby did an experiment that shows how easy it is for predators to target teen girls through social media. This video went viral, and parents everywhere were frightened for their daughters. However, Cody found that sons were not given as much concern when it comes to this problem. So, he did the same experiments but with teen boys!

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To start the experiment, Cody creates a social media account posing to be a 15-year-old girl. Then with the consent of the parents, he talked with their sons to lure them to the girl’s house or car. And what happens when they do come is so shocking! Furthermore, this experiment has sure made parents about how dangerous social media is to boys as well! Watch the video below to find out what happens:

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