She Pours Eggs Over Those Apples. But Once She Pulls It Out of the Oven? I Can’t Stop Drooling!

If you are a huge fan of apples then this video is a must-see. Help yourself keeping the doctors away by having this recipe of apple pancake mugged up. I am really grateful to this lady for teaching this one. I was drooling all over my screen while I watched this video.

I loved pancakes and apples. I didn’t know the fusion would come so delicious. These two ladies did a great favor to the entire world of worried moms who have no idea how to make their kids eat healthily. I am sure that once they taste his pancake they will keep begging for more.

EAT _ Apple Puffed Pancake (feat. Meg's mom) 0-49 screenshot

This simple trick will make your life with kids easier in the kitchen. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Just be sure not to make everyone taste this because they will surely beg for more. Watch this video below and share your recipe through COMMENTS! ENJOY!

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