Random Man Pays for Strangers’ Grocery Bills, Moves Them to Tears

This is likely the best thing you’ll see on the internet today. And it reinforces, more than ever, the power of positive actions.

The video was posted on Twitter by Tansu Yegen, author and vice-President of UiPath, an artificial intelligence company in Europe.  He doesn’t tell us how he came by the video but regardless, we’re glad he posted it.

In scene after scene, we see a random man walk up behind customers at a Walmart checkout station and drop enough money to pay the customer’s bills. All are obviously surprised, but their extended reactions range from smiles to uncontrolled sobbing.

This video shows how much a small random act of kindness can improve the lives of the recipient. The first woman in the video even says she wants to pay it forward by doing the same thing for the next person in line.

This is truly heartwarming. Watch the full video below and leave us a comment on the man’s kindness!

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