This guy helping a stray cat drink water from a public fountain

It’s difficult to be homeless. You have no idea where or when you will eat next. You’re not sure how you’ll protect yourself when the next storm hits. Some days, you’re so hungry and poor that you’re not sure if you’ll be able to see the next sunrise. It’s even more difficult if you’re a stray animal.

They, unlike humans, cannot beg for food. Alternatively, tell any passerby that you’d like some water to drink. They can only hope that one kind soul will look into their eyes and understand their anguish. The same as this little kitty. We don’t know when she became thirsty and hungry. Or how she ended up asking this man for some water…
This man helping a stray cat drink

However, this lovely interaction warmed our hearts. The man assists the furball in drinking water from a tap by using his palms. To help this thirsty cat, he cups his hands and fills them with tap water. It’s so adorable to watch the little kitty drink from his palms!

Watch the full video here:

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