Man Figured Out How to Deep-Fry Water and Now Humanity Is Doomed

We love to indulge in fried food, the crispy chicken to crunchy fried mozzarella sticks. Ah! Don’t we all like it despite the alarming health effects? I am guilty of frying almost anything on the menu. But this guy took it to an extreme height.

The ideas for deep-fried items are limitless. Every day there is a new one on the menu, with few twists. Now imagine the most healthy things that people can fry. You might guess a bunch of different things. Did your list had water in it?

man experiments frying water

Oh! Yes, read it entirely correct. These two roommates froze water into a state where it is jelly-like consistency. He then deeps it into an egg mix, flour, and bread crumbs. Finally, ending it in on the hot oil pan. And the result is pure success.

The water only breaks when they cut into it. It is one of the bizarre things, so please watch the live-case. And do share your reactions in the feed.

Please share this unusual experiment with your loved ones. However, don’t try this at home.