Meatloaf is one of the most popular dishes of all time. There are hundreds of ways to make it–ketchup or no, wrapped or unwrapped, filled or not–and it’s so easy that it’s normally one of the first dishes a new cook tries.

This meatloaf recipe is perfect if you are a meat-loving person. You start with a good-sized meatloaf in a pan. While ground beef is the most common meatloaf, feel free to use ground pork, turkey or chicken–or to mix and match the meats. Then, you will have to push a glass into your meatloaf and follow all the steps as shown by the chef.

This food has the perfect combination of eggs, ground meat, and bacon. In short, this food is perfect for anyone who loves non-vegetarian options in their meal. You will never get enough of this juicy meat recipe.

You should definitely try this recipe at home! Watch the full video below!

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