She Looked Back to Check on Her Baby Girl But How It Changed Her Life Forever Is So Powerful

When you become a mother, you will develop a deep affection for your children. The love we read-only in a textbook. We will never stop worrying about our children. How are they doing now? Are they starving? Did they get enough sleep? Is there anything bothering them? Is there anything I can do… And the worry never seems to go away.

But sometimes, these things can come back to bite us. Even though we would love to be there in constant lookout of our children, there are times when we have to let it go. When we have to understand what’s more important… We have to set our priorities straight.

mother looks back
Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

This video is not just a short unrealistic explanation of motherhood. I have seen this happen. And I’m sure at some point you have seen it too. When motherly love blinds someone that they go against all the odds just to be there for their babies. And I get you, I’ve done it too. I’ve run straight to my son’s college when he got sick. I’ve screamed at his toxic girlfriends to keep their hands of my child. And I don’t regret it a bit.

But please watch the video and try to differentiate when too much is a little too much.

And do share it to all the mothers out there…