Plus Size Woman Manhandled This Man At McDonald’s- Audience Left Distressed

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It’s not every day that you see a man get manhandled by a woman, but with a strong woman and an unprepared man it just might happen. Just like this video that was taken at McDonald’s, a plus-size woman was seen pushing around a man like he weighed nothing. This video got viral and was shared multiple times by social media users– they hilariously analyzed the fight and the woman’s effective battle style.

The shocking video displayed the man being grabbed by the said woman, sending him face down to the floor while also using intense force to keep the man on the ground. NFL offensive Geoff Schwartz used the term “Wide Base”, and said that was the technique being used by the woman to keep her balance, standing with her legs wide apart. As amazing as it seems the woman was quite a fighter while the poor man should’ve just stayed on the ground to minimize his injuries.


George Schwartz reposted the video on twitter and captioned it with “Wide base, good natural leverage, powerful punch, and willing to finish, I’d expect a few teams to reach out this week.” MMA expert and commentator hilariously said “She has a tremendous base and a lifetime of drunken hand to hand combat experience. This is the highest level of female white trash opponents can face, and clearly, that dude is not prepared. If you pay close attention to the video, you’ll see that in there’s another fight going on in the background.

The fight might seem unfair but the fact that the woman throwing the man has only one shoe on, equally matches them. We can’t tell in the video what happened prior to having caused the woman into such violence but make no mistake violence should not be praised, and we should avoid it unless needed. Watch the video here to see how the woman annihilated the man.

(Sorry, this video has been removed).