Terrified Diver Films An Up Close Encounter of Great White Shark Lunging For A Meal

Divers often go out in the deep blue not knowing what creatures they might encounter in their ocean adventures. A video captured by a particular fellow named Thomas Olsen shows a terrifying experience while on one of his regular dips. He probably wet himself in the water when he saw an enormous great white shark plunging in on a piece of meat meters away from him. With its jaws wide open showing some pretty sharp set of killer teeth, this time he might’ve even crapped his wetsuit when this huge carnivore came face to face right at him.

It was frightening enough just watching the video, imagine what Olsen might’ve felt while filming. Though he was behind the safety of a metal cage, he still surely is the bravest for having encountered such a thing. The stirring video was said to have been uploaded by Ocean Planet Soul, a non-profit organization. The post was captioned at least 116,00 views, the said video had also achieved a lot of mixed reactions in the comments from social media users. Some were totally amazed by the creature, while others were practically terrified by the encounter. Another person well agreed to the notion of possible wetsuit crapping.

As seen differently from shark movies that we all came to love, this particular massive creature did not pay much attention to Olsen after locking eyes with him. The creature simply drifted away when he failed to consume his supposed meal.

Luckily for Olsen’s case, it was nothing but a mere display of muscular grandeur just passing by. You can watch Olsen’s intense video of the great white shark encounter below:

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