Homeowner Films Mailman Getting Attacked Every Day by Gang of Turkeys

Typically, dogs are the brave guard, who stays alert and mailman their recurring enemy. As in their head, a stranger individual always trespasses their property. But have you ever heard of Turkey guarding the whole street?

The postman featured below has to go through a whole ordeal day after day. He always has to grab his trusty cane for his job cause these birds don’t seem to leave him alone. And it is not even a friendly approach. The turkeys get hostile the minute they place him within their visual range.

And the chasing begins. They run violently after him, trying to hurt the man. Regardless of the long pole, the birds are adamant about chasing him away from the neighborhood. Anxious and irritated, the man exclaims “every day” while walking away.

You can see, the individual filming this footage is unbothered by the birds of prey. If there is any history or any nasty confrontation, we don’t get any more information. However, it is indeed an unusual sight to witness. It seems like a pain to go through this over and over again. But it is quite funny. What do you think is the motive after this hateful behavior?

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