He Built A Music Instrument Using 2000 Marbles But It’s When He Started Playing Everything Made Sense

Humans have been playing music since prehistoric times. They used bones and other available materials to make instruments so that they can produce melodic sounds. Now, people play things like the piano and guitar. But this guy invented a musical instrument like no other!

Martin Molen is a musician, composer, inventor, and member of the band named Wintergatan. This Swedish band is known for using unconventional items in place of musical instruments. However, they still manage to make the most beautiful melodies ever. You have to take a look at their Marble Machine to understand how genius they are!

marble machine

The pioneering wood and aluminum instrument has 2000 marbles! And this helps create the most heavenly sound. In the video, Martin comes out and starts spinning the gear, after which the marbles all rush in. But it’s when he flips a switch that the music comes to life! And it sounds divine! Furthermore, you won’t believe what happens when he pulls the different levers. Watch it below:

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