I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When I Zoomed in on This ‘Drawing’

Paul Smith was born in Philadelphia in 1921 and from an early age he suffered from severe spastic cerebral palsy. Doctors suspected he wouldn’t live long. His condition made it impossible for him to attend school. Due to the relative loss of motor control, he couldn’t even eat, clothe, or bathe himself. Expressing himself to others was a hard job. But then he discovered an amazing invention called the typewriter. It made a drastic change in his life.

It took him 16 years to learn to speak and 32 years to learn to walk; but by the age of 15, Paul was creating ingenious pictures using just a typewriter! It sounds bizarre and impossible, but wait till you see it for yourself these wonderful works of art from the man  known to the world as the “Typewriter Artist.”

Using a standard typewriter, Smith created intricate and detailed drawings by using different keys and symbols to make up different shapes and patterns. He also used different colors of ink ribbon to add color and depth to his works. His subjects ranged from animals and landscapes to portraits and abstract designs.

Sadly Paul passed away in June 2007 at the age of 85, but he has left behind many of his beautiful, distinct, and detailed artworks for us. Watch the full inspirational video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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