Footage Of Horse in Bed of Pickup Truck Spotted Going 70 MPH on Texas Highway is Raging Lots Of Questions

Imagine driving down the busy highway of Texas. Now picture seeing a horse standing in the back bed of a pickup truck. Well, that’s what a concerned woman saw and captured on camera. People love horses because of the way they gallop freely. So it’s no surprise that the hooved animal looked visibly shaken while being transported like this.

Luckily, authorities pulled over the driver of the pickup when they saw the scene at US Route 59 at Corrigan. However, the officer could not issue any citation because the way the driver was transporting the horse is not illegal. Typically, the driver used a more appropriate vehicle for transportation. But because that truck would not start, so he had to resort to using the pickup.

horse in pickup

In the video, you can see the pickup truck on the highway with the $15,000 horse driving at around 70 MPH. The poor horsie must have been terrified by all the traffic noises coming from around him. Not to mention the distress of seeing so many scary vehicles on the road. Watch the clip down below:

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