Mom Told Her “No More Princess Dresses”, Her Comeback Has Internet In Laughter

Little kids view the world in their own cute ways. They are so innocent, and they don’t always understand how adults really work. For them, their mom and dad are like superheroes, which know everything and can do anything. So when they find out that their folks can have problems too, they don’t always understand it. The little girl in the following video is a hilarious example of this. Mila is only 2-years-old, and she still has many things to learn about budgets!

This little girl had just found out that mommy and daddy are on a budget. That meant that she couldn’t have new toys or new princess dresses for a while. The concept just baffles her! What is a budget, she wonders. She is sad because from now on, there would be no trips to Target and no Starbucks either! She even says her life is over—her sassiness and over-the-top reaction is just hilarious to watch.

Mila can’t understand why her parents can’t use a credit card. She decides to take matters into her own hands and even browses the internet for jobs. But because she’s only two years old, she’s not qualified enough. It comes as a surprise to her, and it’s simply too hysterical. For such a young girl, she seems to know a lot, doesn’t she? You can only imagine how she’ll be as she grows up.

If you enjoy watching little kids and their adorable little antics, then Mila and her woes are right up your alley! Check out this hilarious video below:

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