Chihuahua Hates Mondays, Thinks Bath is the ‘Sea of Doom’ – You’ll Love It

Those of us with pets know that they get into a routine. My dogs, for example, whine every morning until they get their breakfast treat. Here’s a tiny little dog that hates Mondays because that means bath day–and she gives us all a good laugh in the process.

Lou is a gorgeous little chihuahua that is, admittedly, pretty pampered. She’s a YouTube sensation with over 193,000 followers–she even does “question and answer” videos for her YouTube fans. We get some sense of Lou’s good life when we see her wake up in the beginning of this video–she’s in a bed with pajamas and has her own little ramp to get on and off.

But regardless how pampered she is, like all dogs she starts to smell after a while and her owner has dubbed Monday as bath day. And Lou doesn’t like baths at all.

As we watch the day and bath develop for Lou, the owner provides a great running commentary of what she believes the little dog is thinking. And given Lou’s facial expressions, the owner is spot on!

This is fun. Watch the full video below and let us know what you think of Lou and her bath time by leaving a Facebook comment.

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