When This Parrot Revealed Its True Identity on Camera, I Couldn’t Stop Staring at My Screen

I really can’t get enough of this video. At first glance, you cannot really discern it, but this parrot right here is a secret agent! Yeah, you heard me right! Just listen to what she says! When she revealed her true identity, it completely blew my mind! I really couldn’t stop laughing! But all jokes aside…this video is simply amazing; especially if you’re a Bond fan!

This parrot is named Lottie and she is an African Grey. Lottie is a fantastic imitator of James Bond. What’s more amazing, after she finishes her dialog, she even whistles the theme music! How awesome is that?! She then blows a kiss and says “What’s that all about”! This little birdie could definitely give the actors a run for their money!


Watch Lottie in the video below!Did you like it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this video in the comments section!

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