Clumsy Baby Elephant Falls Off His Bath Tub. Everybody Laughed at Him When He Stand Up

Whenever I come across an animal video, I immediately launch and hit the play button. And I am really glad I did so for this one! It is adorable beyond words! It features a baby elephant that can’t get enough of his custom bathtub. He a clumsy one though, and the poor thing falls and slips down on several different occasions.

This little guy lives in Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal in Thailand. His hilarious antics had everyone around him bursting in laughter. If you are having a bad day, this baby elephant will cheer you up in no time! He sure is a water fanatic, isn’t he? I was cracking up when I saw him steal the pipe away and take it for himself!

Baby Elephant Bathing _Double trouble_ 0-48 screenshot

Watch this adorable video below! Did you love it? Let us know your thoughts about this video in the comments!

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