Irish Woman Won $145M Lottery and is Now Joyfully Giving It Away

A lot of us wonder what in the world we would do if we won the lottery. This lady doesn’t have to wonder and most of us hope we’d have the courage to do what she is doing with the winnings.

Frances Connolly, 55, won the EuroMillions in 2019. The former social worker and teacher from Nothern Ireland scored a whopping £115 million fortune, or about $145 million. But Frances knew she could not just sit on that money–she had to do something that would fulfill her heart, which money couldn’t do but might be able to help with.

But instead of splurging on material things, Connolly decided to give back to the community that helped raise her. She donated a large portion of her winnings to local charities, as well as setting up a scholarship fund in her late husbands name.

Ive always been a giver, Connolly said in an interview.I would hate to think that winning the lottery would change me in that respect.

She is a living hero. Watch the full video below!

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