Pit Bull Saw Neighbor Being Abused on the Street, and He Does the Most Amazing Thing to Rescue Him

Pit Bulls usually get a bad rep because they are thought to be aggressive. The assumptions made on this breed aren’t fair, as any kind of dog can be aggressive if not trained. The pit bull in this video showed that not all of them are as bad as they are made out to be. Blitz the pit bull turned out to be the unlikely hero to come out of a domestic violence case.

Blitz heard a woman screaming out for help from the street. Her ex-husband had broken into her home and was physically abusing her. As soon as he heard the cried for help, Blitz jumped into action. Even his mom was shocked by his reaction. Blitz went for the attacker and gave enough time for the lady to escape. She immediately called the police. The attacker now faces some serious charges, thanks to Blitz for saving the day!

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