Lonely Lost Goose Approaches A Man For Help And What Follows Is Simply Incredible

On a quiet country road near Edson, Alberta in Canada, a forester spotted a stray goose while out on a walk. The Canada Goose circled his truck and came after him. Andre Bachman became puzzled by the goose’s behavior and parked to watch. The goose followed the truck and landed right behind it. And to catch it on film, he produced his camera and captured what happened next.

Bachman asks the goose why he is wandering around all alone. “Do you need some help?” He asks, “What are you doing here?” And the goose replies to him. Bachman is next determined to take the pleasant goose to the Shining Bank Lake, which is only six miles (10 km) away. While he is driving, the goose follows him and never falls behind. It’s so fantastic!

lead goose to water

Bachman decides to allow his new feathered friend to swim and then returns to the dock.

Bachman said he thinks the goose may have been raised by humans because he was comfortable around him. Watch the full video here:

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