7 Little Girls Come to Stage Ready to Dance. But the Performance Doesn’t Really Go as Planned!

Stage fright is a common thing that many people suffer from. Speaking or performing in front of a crowd is scary. Some people sweat and shake while some, like in this case, forget their dance steps!

For this holiday performance, two teachers bring seven little girls up on stage. These girls look adorable and festive with their Santa hat and matching skirts on. The teachers place them in their positions and leave them for the dance. All the girls look super excited to be showing off their dancing skills to their parents. They even wave and wish each other good luck! So, you could never be able to guess what happens when the music starts.

7 girls dance

“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” starts to play, and the girls begin to move. However, not all the girls know the steps to the song. So, the children who don’t know the choreography follow the ones that do. And it is hilarious! Furthermore, the girls make a train. But not all of them realize the lineup has started. So, the girl at the line’s end turns back and waits until her friends catch up to her. This act is the purest thing ever to happen! Watch it below:

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