A Stranger Leads Her to a Park Chair. Then She Gets the Surprise of Her Life!

What would you do if a stranger came up to you and told you to follow them? That’s what happened to Allison when she was at Bryant Park waiting for her boyfriend. The couple had made a plan to eat lunch together there. However, he isn’t there yet!

Instead, she coincidentally meets a close friend of hers. Furthermore, a woman comes her and asks her if she’s Allison. The stranger then leads her to the grassy field and tells her to sit in the chair. Moreover, she runs to the front and starts dancing. Not long after, a whole lot of people join her. Allison gets a hint when she realizes that the flash mob is dancing to Michael Jackson’s hit song “The Way You Make Me Feel.” But wait— there’s more!

allison surprise ending

Allison freaks out when she sees a marching band coming her way. As they start playing “Hey Baby, I Wanna Know If You’ll Be My Girl,” a bunch of people walks towards the band. And they all happen to be Allison’s family and friends. By this time, the center girl is overwhelmed. Finally, a guy comes towards her with the biggest surprise. Check out the video below to see the surprise ending: