We all have different dreams and desires that we hold on to since we are little. This woman had dreams–maybe a little different than others–but he held on to them nonetheless, and now they’ve been realized.

Bertha is 104 years old. However, she is just as enthusiastic and fun as ever. Her age has not let her become grumpy and lazy or even slightly boring at all. Bertha has always dreamt of meeting a penguin. Unfortunately, throughout her life, she never once had the chance to see or meet one. But, her dreams did not remain just dreams.

She got to meet a little penguin even if she is 104 years old. The smile on her face says it all. Bertha definitely felt on top of the world when she held the penguin in her arms and we can tell that she was indeed very happy. This is probably one of the best and most wholesome videos you will ever find on the internet.

You will definitely love it. Watch the full video below!

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