“When Can I See God Again?” – 6-year-old Asks After Near-death Experience in Hospital

When a person is near to death, hallucinating can be pretty normal. However, when you look a little deeper into faith, maybe one can even talk to God himself.

Zola Tomic is a six-year-old girl. She had been suffering from a rare condition, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or EDS, since birth. Zola was never healthy and her mom tells her that her pregnancy was full of risks. Although this little one bravely faced all the circumstances, she had to suffer at certain points due to her condition. When she was close to death in a hospital bed, Tomic reminisces a time when Lord Jesus had a conversation with her.

One can actually tell that this little girl is not making things up. She really did talk to God and he tends to have raised faith and belief in herself again. This adorable girl asks her mom if she is going to meet God again. Even though this encounter seems supernatural to the world, it has actually raised faith in the family.

Hopefully, Zola will recover from this condition very soon. Watch the full video below!

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