Little Girl Learns Sign Language to Be Able to Greet Her Favorite Delivery Driver Who is Deaf

Quarantine is not lifeless to every human. People have learned useful things which have deepened the humanity. In the video, the little girl, Tallulah, builds a relationship with her neighborhood delivery driver Tim Joseph. Although they met only once or twice since the lockdown, they had gradually developed quite a sweet friendship.

Tallulah drew a beautiful picture and presented it to Tim. With utmost joy, Tim still displays it in his van. Meanwhile, Tallulah noticed Tim was deaf. Then, she learned sign language to communicate with him properly.

kid learns sign language for driver

Tim was amused with Tallulah’s gestures and love towards him. Their growing friendship video is being viral rapidly on the internet. Indeed, their story has gained a lot more attention from the public and many news outlets.

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