Tourists spot a lion from a distance,ignoring all warnings, they move too close

In safari trips, spotting wild animals mating is pretty common. But not many have come across an animal’s wrath on facing rejection! This tourist’s safari ride was all fun and games till the frustrated lion tries to punch through a car window!

Mark Williams-Wynn, a chemical engineer, had no idea what he had signed up for when he started off the safari. He felt a bit let down as he could only witness a herd of lions since morning. But when people talked about the road being blocked by some lions, he was glad that he would finally spot something interesting. As his car made it to the front, he realized the lion was actually trying to enjoy some private time with the lioness!

However, the lioness was not in the mood and did not give ‘consent’. So the frustrated lion attacked the nearest car to vent out. Or maybe he was trying to flaunt his strength in front of his lady love! Thankfully, the windows were shut and the driver drove off quickly.

WATCH how the lion goes, “Stay away from my girl, hooman”! We got goosebumps just by watching the footage. Imagine what the people in that car went through. Also, the handsome lion seems to have earned quite a fan following for his mane!

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