Pit Bull Found Tied Up Alone In Playground Now Hugs Everyone She Meets

Dogs are the sweetest creatures that we can ever come across. Sadly, you can hear so many stories of abuse and neglect done against these innocent creatures. There are some breeds that are especially at high risk. Pit bulls are often perceived as aggressive and dangerous. There are some states that actually discriminate against the breed, making it illegal to keep them as pets in the state. But this is wrong—the breed is simply misunderstood.

While a dog’s breed does determine some of its temperament, it is more important to keep them trained and disciplined. Pit bulls can be the most gentle and loving dogs if you give them a chance. If you’re still in doubt, just take a look at the pooch in the following video. Meet Lilybug. She loves hugging everyone she meets and doesn’t even hesitate in showering them with kisses. Sadly, her story didn’t have a very happy beginning.

Lilybug was found tied up at a playground. She was just a small pup when she was abandoned. A rescue group called Mr. Bones and Co. took her into the “One Lucky Pup” foster program. The pooch was so sweet that Co-executive Director Marisa Grimshaw ended up adopting her! They love each other, and Lilybug is very sensitive towards her mom’s mood. She doesn’t waste any time in cheering her up with hugs and kisses if she senses mom is upset or had a bad day!

Check out the full story below:

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