Her Amazing Original Song Brings Audience to Tears – and Cheers!

Often times it’s risky for a singer to perform an original song on one of the talent competition shows because if the audience doesn’t recognize it, then it’s harder to draw them in on their first hearing of it. But that’s certainly not a problem for this audition.

Lily Meola is a 27-year-old singer/songwriter performing her own song, called “Daydream.” She tells us a fascinating history behind the song: when she wrote it she thought she was living her daydreams because she had a record and songwriting deal and figured any day she’d be putting out hit music. “I had butterflies I was hatching,” Lily said of that time in her life, and “it was magical.”

Then her mother got cancer, Lily had to become her caretaker and the record and writing deals went away. Her mom ultimately died and Lily said the song took on a new meaning: don’t stop striving for your daydreams just because things are looking so hot at the moment.

There’s plenty of emotion on the America’s Got Talent stage even before she starts singing because Lily reveals she lost her mom and singing was their connection. She says she’s likely to get emotional in the performance.

But once she starts singing, we find out Lily is magical. Her voice is amazing, the story she tells with her song is amazing and the entire journey she takes the judges and audience on is incredible.

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