He Heard Intruders in the Swimming Pool but It Wasn’t What He Was Expecting

If you own a swimming pool, you may be familiar with that certain feeling you get when you know someone’s in your pool and you know it’s not your family. Neighborhood kids are often the culprits, or maybe even a friend of one of your own kids.

But the Basso family of Rockaway Township, New Jersey, discover it’s not just some neighborhood kids borrowing the pool for the afternoon. It’s a mama black bear and her five cubs. “There’s bears in the pool,” one boy shouts.

The bears frolic about just like any other family and even, to the chagrin of one of the Basso daughters, play with the pool floats and toys.

And the playing doesn’t stop there. Like any other kids, the bear cubs soon become bored with the pool and its toys and move on the rest of the backyard. The slide, swingset, playhouse–so many things to explore!

Eventually they take off and head for someone else’s back yard. What a pool party the Bassos have to talk about though.

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